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Lets just zone out to this Green Day song..

Let us fuck it up!

The People Of Green Day.
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The Green Day People. Where P u n k R o c k is not the enemy!

Welcome To The Green Day people!
This is a commuinty for Green Day fans, and Green day fans only.

Well sadly we have some rules.


1. No fighting! I mean come on guys! Its only Green Day!

2. No mocking, as in: don't comment on a other members post just to descriminate there feelings. Don't take the piss out of other people, And please like i said before, No fighting

3. Please Spell GREEN DAY right. There is a space. And please spell all of the Green Day members or anything related to Green Day right. AnD Dn't TwAlky Lk Di$$

4. Don't be rude to the MODs. If your nice to us, were nice to you.

5. Only Green Day related posts please!

6. Don't come in here if your going to say how much you hate Green Day. The chances are you will be more hated then you already are for dislikeing Green Day. You hate them. We hate you.

7. DON'T come in here to just post your new commuinty. I don't want a whole list of members that only joined to post there commuintys.

8.And last - but not least - have fun!

billie joe is love
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rock'n'roll is love
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Green Day is love
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Your MOD's:
silvergods - Good for you!
_0hh_babyy_ - Good for you!
littlemsvixen - Good for you!
unworthy__2u - Your main MOD. Creator of this commuinty.

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